Back Bay MA Transmission Repair Services

Backbay a beautiful neighborhood of Boston lined with brownstones nestled between the Public Garden and Fenway. It also features many one lane roads and a very confusing intersection at Marlborough and Berkeley. Backbay is the perfect midpoint to drive to work downtown or drive to west Boston to watch a baseball game or visit one of the colleges. If you own a car in Back Bay and need it serviced, you are conveniently only 5 miles away from Everett Transmission.

Transmission Repair & Replacement For Back Bay

At Everett Transmission we primarily deal with a variety of transmission services. You don’t have to be a professional driver or mechanic to notice when your transmission is starting to fail. If you are having trouble shifting gears while driving around the city, bring your car into our conveniently located transmission shop in Everett. Depending on the severity of your problem we can either adjust your transmission or replace the kit entirely to ensure that you are driving safely. You should never wait if you notice problems with your transmission. When caught early transmission problems can usually be solved with a relatively inexpensive adjustment, or by having your transmission fluid replaced. But if you don’t address the problem quickly you can irrevocably damage the transmission and will need it replaced.

Brake Pad Replacements For Back Bay Residents

Everett Transmission is not just a shop for transmission repair. Having a problem with your brakes? Come to our shop in Everett to have your brakes serviced. We will check your breaks and make sure that your brake pads are working perfectly before you need to make that hard stop on Boylston Street to avoid jaywalking pedestrians.

Auto-Mechanic Near Back Bay

Come to Everett Transmission for any of your vehicle problems. We offer a large variety of mechanic services including clutch repair for foreign and domestic vehicles. No matter what you drive or what your problem is, you can trust that the mechanics at Everett Transmission will get you back on the road quickly so you can get back to work.

Everett Transmission has been serving Boston car owners for over 50 years. We have seen Boston change a hundred times over, and we have changed a hundred times as many transmissions, brake pads, and clutch systems. If you have a car problem, our mechanics will handle it. Give us a call today. 

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