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Should You Get Your Engine Replaced?

Constant or consistent engine problems may leave you thinking; is it time to replace the car or the engine? If your engine block is cracked, the spark plugs are melted, or something is just wrong, you may have to consider what makes the most financial sense. At Everett Transmission we always want to remind customers…

What Determines How Much Transmission Repairs Cost?

One of the most asked questions and most Googled questions is “how much will transmission repairs cost”? It is a pretty straightforward question. But unfortunately, the answer is not nearly as straightforward. If your transmission is slipping, making strange sounds, or you notice any of the other telltale signs of a faulty transmission, what we…

oil being poured into a vehicle's engine

Signs You Are Overdue for an Oil Change

Every vehicle engine requires lubricants to keep its various components moving efficiently. For many systems, oil is used to keep components moving effectively. Brakes, gears, and steering systems all require oil as a lubricant. A timely oil change can keep your vehicle away from damage and expensive repairs. That’s why it is important to understand…

Car transmission

Why Is My Transmission Slipping?

One common issue with transmissions is when they “slip”. Whether you have an automatic or manual transmission, any issues with the gears that cause your transmission to slip between gears can make driving less safe. As soon as you notice any issue or irregularity with your transmission you should make a repair appointment. Not only…

Frequently Asked Questions: Parking Pawls

A parking pawl is an important component in an automatic transmission. Parking pawls lock up your transmission when the lever is in the park position. It works by engaging a small pawl (pin) that stops the wheels from rotating. It is made up of a variety of smaller components including the gear, the pawl, the…

How to Drive Safely In The Snow

On a snowy day, the roads are less than ideal for driving, and while it is sometimes better to avoid driving altogether sometimes it isn’t possible. Snowy road conditions pose a new set of challenges when it comes to safe driving and it’s your responsibility as a motorist to know how to handle yourself on…

When To Change Your Oil & Fluids

Routine maintenance today stops problems tomorrow. Staying on top of what your vehicle needs is vital to keeping your car or truck working year-round. This is why it is so important to know what types of fluids your vehicle needs, when they need them, and how to replace them. Low fluid levels can quickly lead…

brake pad

How To Check Your Brakes

As an auto repair shop in the Greater Boston area, we want to make sure that everyone is driving safely. One key to safe driving is having reliable brakes. Stopping power is very important when driving in and around a dense metropolitan area. This is especially true in New England where we have wet leaves…

snowy road in New England

Auto Repair Checklist For The Winter

Is your vehicle ready for the cold winter? As we approach the midpoint of fall, it is only a matter of time before you will need to turn on the heat at home and start making adjustments for the winter. One of the most important things to take care of is your vehicle. Proper maintenance…

auto repair

2020 Guide to Auto Repair In Greater Boston

In a year where public transportation has been shut down for periods of time or was difficult to book, car owners have had to rely a lot more heavily on their vehicles. As a family-owned auto shop in Everett Massachusetts, we want everyone to drive safely in Greater Boston. Whether you are an Uber driver…

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