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The Allston area of Boston is known as a college town. With it’s proximity to dozens of Boston colleges and apartment setup, dozens of fraternities, sororities, and thousands of college students have made Allston their home. For students commuting to school or work via car, Everett Transmission has been proud to provide the best in vehicle maintenance for almost 50 years. Located only 10 miles away, we have been the convenient choice for students and Allston residents for years. Whether you drive a foreign or domestic car, our team of mechanics will provide the best repair and maintenance work.

Brake Repair for Allston Drivers

Functional brakes are one of the most important facets of driving throughout Boston. Whether you are commuting out to an internship in Framingham or your job in downtown, worn-down brake pads make driving unsafe for you and the pedestrians in your area. At Everett Transmission we provide a variety of brake repair and replacement solutions. If your brakes are beginning to squeak or your car has lost stopping power, schedule an appointment immediately.

Transmission Services

Everett Transmission is primarily a transmission shop. We provide both transmission kit adjustment and replacement for Allston drivers. Obviously, it is more affordable and preferred that your transmission repairs and adjusted compared to having the kit fully replaced. Staying on top of replacing transmission fluid, and bringing your car in as soon as you notice transmission problems is the best way to avoid an expensive transmission replacement.

Engine Repair & Maintenance

Everett Transmission can also help service your engine. We provide a variety of troubleshooting and diagnostic solutions for engine repair and maintenance. If your check engine light is on, come to Everett Transmission. We will find the problem and get it fixed. Whether you need gear repairs, crankshaft repairs, or belt replacements, our mechanics will make sure your engine is healthy and road safe.

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If you are having car troubles, you need to set up and appointment with Everett Transmission. Give us a call or use our online contact form to schedule a visit.


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