If you are new to owning vehicles, are just starting to teach yourself the inner-works of cars, trucks, or SUVs, you may not know much about suspension systems. The purpose of suspension systems are to maximize the friction between the surface of the road and your vehicles tires. This creates a more enjoyable ride for passengers and helps with steering stability while driving. Much like other parts of a vehicle, your suspension system needs to be taken care of over the life of your vehicle to reduce your total cost of ownership.

What Are Common Suspension Problems?

There are multiple different types of suspension problems you can run into. The problems can range from poor wheel alignment, worn out shock absorbers, struts that cause knocking sounds, worn out springs and worn out ball joints are all suspension problems.

What Can Cause Suspension Problems?

Much like other parts of any vehicle, over exerting a part of the car will cause damage over prolonged usage of the car. The suspension system is no different. As it is made of of parts that break down over time, aggressive use of the vehicle will expedite this process.  Here a a few ways drivers hurt their suspension system unnecessarily:

Going To Heavy On The Brakes: A common way suspension problems occur is if you over do it on your brakes. That could mean getting yourself into situations where you are slamming on your breaks consistently or if you are a “stop and go” highway driver. People who constantly go over speed limits find themselves using their brakes more heavily as well.

Speed Bumps: If you navigate large parking lots or condo properties you need to be careful around speed bumps. This means slowly going over them. Speed bumps can cause damage and quicken the breaking down of your suspension system parts if you aren’t careful going over them.

Too Much Weight: Drivers who carry extra weight consistently in their vehicle will hurt their suspension over time. Especially those who drive compact cars and carry around extra pounds or use their vehicle to move apartments. You should check your users manual to see what weight your suspension is rated too and try to not come near or exceed that weight as much as possible.

Do you think your vehicle is running into suspension issues? Everett Transmission will diagnosis the issue with your suspension and offer the best remedies to fix the situation. If you’ve been experiencing any symptoms of a faulty suspension system, schedule an appointment with Everett Transmission today.

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