How often do you think about your parking brake (otherwise known as an e-brake or emergency brake)? Unless you drive an manual transmission or find yourself parking on hills often, probably not that much. But as a transmission shop in Everett, we sometimes encounter issues on transmissions that have to do with your parking brake and your transmission.In this blog post, we are going to discuss a little thought about part of automatic transmissions called the parking pawl.

What Is A Parking Pawl

Quite simply, a parking pawl is a device fitted to a motor vehicle’s automatic transmission in order to lock up the transmission and keep your vehicle stationary. When your put your transmission shift lever in the “P” position, you are engaging the parking pawl.

Why Do Some People Always Use Their E-Brake?

Some people, out of habit or out of fear, always use their parking brake when they park their car, no matter where they are parking. The reason behind this is simple. A parking pawl, is a mechanical piece. And as with all mechanical pieces, there is a chance it could break. Although it is a small chance, it could still happen. When you engage your parking brake, it gives you a second line of defense in the chance that your parking pawl were to break. If your parking pawl were to break and you have your parking brake engaged, your vehicle will remain stationary depending on what type of surface it is parked on.

*It is important to remember that a parking brake has only about half as much “parking power” as your parking pawl.

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Has your E-Brake not worked in a while? If you drive an older vehicle, wear and tear might have broken the cable that makes your e-brake engage properly. If you think you have ran into any issues with your e-brake or your parking pawl, contact Everett Transmission today! 


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