Unless you haven’t had to step outside in the last few weeks, you may have noticed its cold here in Massachusetts. We mean real cold. Negative degrees in windchill, is no joke. Multiple cold weather advisory’s have already been issued and Winter is just beginning. As New Englanders, we know how to prepare ourselves for the winter, but how bout your vehicle? Check our this winter maintenance tips for the our automotive experts!

Headlights: How old is your car? When is the last time you got your headlights restored? If you see that your headlights look “foggy”, you’ll want to get them restored ASAP. This severely affects how well you can see in the dark, and as we know, it is dark a lot in the winter.

Battery Health: As a vehicle owner, you should be aware of your battery’s lifespan. In the winter, its harder to get your battery to start. If you have a weak battery in the summer, you may have a dead batter come the dead of winter.

Gasoline & Washer Fluid: This may seem common, but for younger drivers, these are actually common mistakes. When it comes to gasoline, don’t risk your car running on low like you may in the winter. You want to have time for your car to warm up, which times gas, and if you end up in a snowbank or stuck somewhere, you don’t want to end up freezing as your gas runs out. For your fluid, the increase in road debris and ice, dirt & snow lead to an increase in washer fluid being used. Running out of this is a safety hazard.



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