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Everett Transmission would like to welcome you to our website. Our family-owned transmission shop has been proudly serving the greater metropolitan Boston community with quality auto repair services at outstanding prices since 1962. In addition to our complete range of quality auto and transmission repair services, Everett Transmission offers warranty coverage that is recognized throughout the country by other leading automatic transmission repair shops that are members of ATRA. Our shop hires only certified transmission technicians that have passed various transmission technology examinations. Using only the latest diagnostic equipment enables our technicians to quickly troubleshoot your auto or transmission problem and get you back on the Boston area roads safely and quickly.

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If your car won’t start or it is not safe to drive due to an issue with the engine, brakes, transmission, etc. we would be happy to pick it up for you. We provide towing services for clients in the Greater Boston area so that we can get their cars, trucks, & other vehicles back on the road. If you need a tow, give us a call! 

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Here For Greater Boston Drivers Since 1962

For decades our team of mechanics have been serving Boston and the surrounding towns’ drivers. Whether you are driving an antique or a newer model, a new or used vehicle, foreign or domestic model, our team is here for you. We pride ourselves on great services, competitive pricing, and on reliability. We are a family business that is constantly growing and working hard to stay up to date on new models and transmissions. As a local business, we care about your car the same way you care about your car.

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Everett Transmission Values Honest & Transparent Auto Services

WE LISTEN TO YOUR NEEDS. This is the most overlooked area with many auto repair companies in our service industry. We explain what we will do BEFORE the work is done. We perform a professional diagnosis of your car issue and call you before the work is done. A complete explanation of the problem areas will be detailed to you before you agree to any work. You will understand what has to be done, why your vehicle needs it and what the cost will be. You are a part of the repair process and are take the lead on all decisions.

We have the equipment to do the job RIGHT which will save you time and money. We have been in business for almost 60 years, and in that team we have always valued transparency and honesty above all else. We know what it takes to service all your automotive needs. We are your expert specialty shop without the inflated prices. We also can save you money on maintenance. We provide expert, friendly services at prices you can afford.

Everett Transmission is proud to offer our customers the ATRA Golden Rule Warranty at our transmission shop in Everett. The ATRA Golden Rule Warranty is a warranty plan that is honored by ATRA automatic transmission shops across the United States and Canada. When you select Everett Transmission for automatic transmission repair services, you can rest assured that the work done by our transmission specialists is covered under this national warranty.

Everett Transmission has a team of professionally trained and certified auto repair specialists waiting and committed to giving you the quality of service you expect and deserve from an auto repair shop in the greater Everett & Boston area! We are conveniently located at 556 Ferry St.

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Auto & Transmission Repair Frequently Asked Questiosn

There are a variety of signs that your transmission might need to get looked at. If your car struggles to shift gears, slips out of gears, or you notice a shuddering or shaking when shifting, you should have your transmission looked at. 

As a general rule you should look into brake pad replacement every 10-20 thousand miles. However, if you notice a decrease in stopping power, or a screeching sound when you brake, you should immediately make an appointment with an auto repair shop.

No, whether you have a bad transmission, bad engine, or bad brakes, your primary goal should be to get your vehicle to an auto repair shop. Driving when there is something wrong with your vehicle puts you and other motorists at risk. If you are worried about driving your vehicle and need to get it fixed, give us a call for information on towing services.

Transmission repair or replacement service costs will differ depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Generally speaking a new transmission can have a ballpark estimate of $1,800 to $3,400 for the parts alone. This is why it is recommended that you never ignore any signs of issues with your vehicle, addressing a problem quickly can sometimes decrease the costs needed for repairs.

Your check engine light comes on when your diagnostics systems find an issue with your vehicle. This could be engine problems, transmission problems, ignition system problems, etc. Sometimes your check engine light can come on because of a glitch in your diagnostics system, however, you should never ignore your check engine light, especially if it consistently comes on. Our team can help troubleshoot and solve the problem for you.

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